What is Challenge 29?

Challenge 29 gives you the opportunity to keep active, be part of a special virtual community and raise vital funds to help stop MS. 

Over the month of February, we are setting you the challenge to walk, roll or stroll for 29 minutes a day. You can do it by yourself, or as part of a team with family or friends.

It doesn’t matter whether you walk up and down the stairs, roll around your garden or stroll to the park – you’ll be raising money to help change lives.

How your money helps


is enough to operate a high powered microscope for an hour to study cells and tissue affected by MS at the necessary resolution.


is enough to process four blood samples and extract information about genes and the immune system that is vital when testing out new treatments.


is enough to run an MRI scanner for an hour and provide the detailed images of the brain crucial for understanding MS progression. We are currently funding projects that use MRI scanners to carry out trials and understand MS in more detail.

Stop MS Appeal

By 2025, we want to be in the final stages of testing treatments for everyone with MS. Treatments that slow or stop disability progression. We believe £100 million could take us to a future where no one has to worry about MS getting worse. That’s where you come in!

Find out more about the Stop MS Appeal and how research is progressing